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Notorious: The Real Squizzy Taylor

Damaged men, broken women and a city on the brink of anarchy - welcome to Melbourne in the jazz age. Welcome to Les "Squizzy" Taylor's turf. Out of depression-and-war shattered inner-urban Struggle Street clambers a new generation of Australian criminal thriving on sleaze, drugs, violence, fast cars, wild music, bold fashion and a media hungry for sensation. And Squizzy - short on stature, big on ambition - has an appetite for it all. But who is Squizzy? Cheeky, anti-establishment larrikin of popular legend, or vicious, avaricious killer, coward and corrupter of justice? Our true-crime experts bring history to life with this fascinating collection of stories, archived documents, videos and an interactive map to present the real, blood-spattered life and crimes of Squizzy Taylor